Financial Service Associate

19 Oktober 2018
Job Details
Have you ever encountered your prospects postponed the decision to buy unit trust product from you because they want to compare with different unit trust products?
Worry no more. We have a SOLUTION to your problem. We have more than 400 unit trust funds in Malaysia for you and your clients to compare and sell and most importantly not losing your business.
Essential Job Functions
It is important that Financial Service Associates be capable of mastering the complexities of the job, continually learning new products, information, and approaches. As our representative, the Financial Services Associate must have a full understanding of all our products and be able to recommend to customers the appropriate solutions that are in the best interest of the customer. The end result of the Financial Services Associate's work is to develop long-term relationships between us and the policyholder that will impact the personal welfare of many people.

The Financial Services Associate's general duties include the responsibility to:
  • Administer all account transactions and respond to customer inquiries and ensure excellent customer service.
  • Develop and maintain relationship with customers and assist to generate sales opportunities for financial products of company.
  • Analyze and resolve all customers’ issues for servicing, product openings and maintenance for same.
  • Assist departments to open new accounts for existing and new customers and assist in efficient completion of all application forms.
  • Monitor and ensure fulfillment of all customer banking requests through counseling and assess customer requirement.
  • Identify and work on cross sales opportunities through servicing contacts.
  • Maintain knowledge on new investment and insurance products and assist in developing sale strategies for same.
  • Develop investment and insurance programs and prepare sales presentations for various financial products and services.
  • Analyze customer requirements and recommend efficient investment and insurance products according to same.
  • Administer client portfolio and assess changes in client’s requirement and made required changes to portfolios.
  • Ensure compliance with all rules, procedures and requirements of companies and states for efficient company and associates operation.
  • Manage account records, submit all proper channel reports on transaction business for all accounts.
Required Skills, Knowledge, and Experience
  • Customer Service Focused
  • Sales Driven 
  • Self Confident and Autonomous
  • Drive and Initiative
  • Responsible and Committed
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  • Good Business Communication Skills
  • Ability to Problem Solve, and develop ideas
  • Ability to use basic math skills to problem solve
  • Good Critical Thinking
Company Description

ASAD Wealth Advisory formerly known as ASAD Group, we are committed to nurture young professionals into becoming Shariah Registered Financial Planner entrepreneurs.
Our Vision

To become a preferred business and personal Shariah financial planning group known with its competency, professionalism and client friendly

Our Mission 2020
To become #1 Choice Comprehensive Shariah Financial Planning Group among high net worth Malaysians.

Our Core Values

Discipline - Action and result oriented in finding financial solutions for Clients
Professional - Clients needs are our top priority and competent in giving advices
Service driven - Ongoing service and continuously adding values to Clients