Business Finance Manager (Ipoh)

05 Oktober 2018
Job Details
1. Member of the Management Team and to Add Value to Decision Process
a. To highlight the financial implications of proposals and business decisions and risk management and pertinent areas.
b. To interpret trends, positions and situations to give insights, to formulate business strategy proposals and to add value to the management decision process.
2. Controllership over the Company’s assets / business
a. To undertake risk assessment (including ERM) and risk impact studies on the operations and highlight risk mitigation initiatives.
b. Balance Sheet Management  - ensuring that the asset and liabilities are deployed efficiently and judiciously, giving optimal return to the shareholders. In particular, to monitor the working capital management and credit control and to ensure strict compliance.
c. To undertake Capex and Investment assessment, implementation review and to conduct post-CER and Investment reviews to ensure that the purpose and financial returns as proposed have been realized.
d. To develop the financial module and processes to manage the operations including the financial reporting formats.
e. Budget Management and Controllership – to ensure that the business plan and budget is in line, verifying the underlying assumptions to be realistic and achievable, perform “sensitivity analysis” probability modelling and multiple factor analysis, and to monitor for feedback to Management on budget performance.
f. To vigorously ensure that the system of internal controls is updated and appropriate and in line with industry best practices.

3. Advocate for the Group Programmes and Custodian of  Policies, Rules & Regulations
a. To understand and implement Financial Management Excellence and other management Programmes, customizing Programmes and initiatives to create and sustain Financial and Operational excellence.
b. To take an active role in the formulation and be responsible for the compliance and enforcement of the Group’s Policies, Rules and Regulations and the Company’s standard operating policies and procedures ensuring same are in line with industry’s best practices and the relevant regulatory bodies.

4. Be a profit source
To understand that the Finance position is a profit source through:-
• effective analysis and information. Beyond ensuring integrity and timeliness of the information, to establish a Management Information System that informs the user, highlighting the nuances and perspectives for meaningful decision making.
• effective controllership and cost control under SOP.
• effective planning (including tax planning) with the tax designate within the Company.

5. Leadership
To provide leadership to the team and to identify, groom and develop effective financial personnel.
Company Description

Hong Leong Manufacturing Group ("HLMG") is a member of the Hong Leong Group, a large Malaysian conglomerate with businesses listed on a number of stock exchanges globally.

HLMG is the manufacturing arm of the Hong Leong Group and conducts its businesses through four companies listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia. The four companies are Hong Leong Industries Berhad, Malaysian Pacific Industries Berhad, Southern Steel Berhad and Hume Industries Berhad.
HLMG's major activities include the manufacture and sales of motorcycles and scooters, ceramic tiles, fibre-cement products, concrete roofing tiles, concrete building products, steel billets, bars, wire rods, wire mesh, steel wire, steel pipes, semiconductor devices, electronic components and lead frame.

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